Nature's Fury: Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tsunamis
Natural events and their impact on humanity and the built environment. Earthquakes, volcanoes and Tsunamis
Course Syllabus
Introduction to Seismology
This course introduces the theoretical foundations of seismology. Seismology is the study of Earth’s elastic vibrations, the sources that generate them, and the structures through which they propagate. It is a geophysical discipline that has a remarkable diversity of applications to critical issues facing society and plays a leading role in addressing key scientific frontiers involving Earth’s dynamic systems (Lay et al., 2009). Students will learn the physics of seismic wave propagation which provides quantitative constraints on the structure of Earth’s solid interior from crust to core. Students will learn about Earthquake source theory, which is necessary for describing earthquake statistics and forecasting earthquake hazards. The course will also cover fundamental concepts of elasticity, stress, strain, seismometer design, the derivation of the seismic wave equation, and its application to describing the full seismic spectrum, i.e., compressional and shear body waves, surface waves, and normal modes.
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Data Analysis and Modeling in the Earth Sciences
An introductory course for Earth and physical science students to modern methods for estimating models from data. Data science students interested in earth science applications are invited to take this course. Emphasis will be placed on concepts in parameter estimation, time series analysis and an introduction to inverse theory. No detailed theoretical background will be provided. Examples will be drawn from seismology, paleoclimate, and environmental data. There will be weekly computer assignments. Matlab or Python proficiency helpful. No textbook, but the following books would be helpful references: In this course, students can expect to gain knowledge of available tools and confidence in their application.
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