James Pippin
Undergraduate IRIS Intern
James is joining the group from the Fort Valley State University. In the Fall of 2018, he will be transferring as a Junior to Pennsylvania State University. At the Texas Advanced Computing Center, James gained experience working on a Computational Geoscience project that involved 3D imaging of karst features, cave mapping, and large-scale LIDAR using supercomputing processes. He has also participated in the Africa Array REU, hosted by Pennsylvania State University and the University of Witswaterand – Johannesburg, South Africa. Here at Rochester, he will use EarthScope data to constrain seismic anisotropy underneath the longest-lived cratons in North America
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Prospective Undergraduate
IRIS has paid internships (9-12 weeks) that can fund undergraduate research with the UofR seismology group (deadline for this year is Feb 1, 2018, see link below for application details). The ideal student should be looking to work on a project that provides exposure to methods and tools used by seismologists and computational geoscientists within the context of a larger scientific investigation. Students should apply and request to be paired with the UofR group.Prospective students can also set up a meeting with me with the Google+ link below):
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Ph.D. Student
Prospective Graduate
We are actively recruiting highly motivated Ph.D. students to join our team. Interested students need not have any prior programming experience. A keen interest in the group‘s research and a solid quantitative (mathematical and physical sciences) or computing background is highly valued. For more information on the Ph.D. program consult the University of Rochester’s graduate student handbook and resources for applying (see links below). Also, feel free to schedule a one-one-conversation with me Google+ link below