Teaching Introduction to MATLAB in a technology enabled class at UMD
Dr. Olugboji teaching MATLAB in a technology enabled classroom at UMD

I emphasize the creation of memorable learning experiences and the inculcation of scientific attitudes and skills. These emphases facilitate the primary role of the University, which is the creation and transfer of scientific knowledge from teacher to student.

The transfer of knowledge can and should happen in traditional classroom settings, but also in non-traditional learning arenas, e.g. research mentoring in the lab, hands-on experience during field research, one-on-one guidance during office hours, high school outreach and recruitment, and by raising public awareness on Earth science through public lectures.

Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it – Marian Wright Edelman (Children’s Defense Fund)

Teaching Experience

University of Maryland
  • GEOL457, Seismology , Guest Lectures:
    –  Earthquake Source Mechanics, Spring 2015 (Dr. Schmerr)
    –  Surface Waves and Normal Modes, Spring 2016 (Dr.  Lekic)
  • GEOL447/647, Observational Seismology (Dr. Vedran Lekic), Guest Lectures:
    Using MATLAB, Fall 2015
    The Discrete Fourier Transform (and its uses), Fall 2016
Yale University
  • G&G 100, Natural Disasters, Undergraduate QR Tutor (Dr. Frank Robinson), Scientific and Quantitative Reasoning, Tutor Program, Yale University, Fall, 2013
  • Physics 530, Certificate in Scientific Teaching at Yale (Dr. Jenny Frederick), Advanced Teaching Fellowship, Yale University, Center for Scientific Teaching, Spring, 2013
  • G&G 100, Natural Disasters (Professor David Bercovici), Teaching Fellowship II, Yale University, Fall, 2011
  • G&G 659, Time Series Analysis with Geoscience ApplicatioIMG_0721ns (Professor Jeffrey Park), Teaching Fellowship II, Yale University, Fall, 2010
  • G&G 201, Mantle Dynamics, Earth Quakes, and Volcanoes (Professor Jun Korenaga), Teaching Fellowship I, Yale University, Fall, 2009
  • Physics SMDEP, (Summer Medical and Dental Education Program), Yale University, Summer, 2011, 2012

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